The Asterism Generator is part of an upgrade to the Keck observatory’s adaptive optics system. The instrument uses an assembly of custom-built prisms to produce an asterism of 4 Laser Guide Stars (LGS) from a single laser beam.  The LGS asterism will provide AO correction for science targets within an increased field of view. The optic beam splitter assembly containing the custom prisms is capable of rotation and moving in and out of the beam to allow single beam functionality. The separated beams are steerable with piezo actuators. OMP was in charge of the whole system design. This includes all technical work and tests performed during the preliminary and detailed design phases. OMP is the prime contractor for the whole project.

AG -section Asterism Generator

Asterism generator enclosure attached to the secondary mirror module on the Keck telescope

An optical scientist performing tests on the system at COPL before delivering it to the client.

OMP’s president manipulating the optic beam splitter assembly containing the custom-made prisms and piezo-actuators that control the separated beams.

Metrology being performed with a 3D scanner to align optical components of the system.

 Asterism generator assembly fixed on its test jig simulating the fixation on the Keck telescope secondary mirror module.

OMP's Scientist and designer of the Asterism Generator proudly standing by his instrument during final tests.

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