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OMP inc. offers mechanical engineering services, from design to fabrication in the opto mechanical and scientific instrumentation fields.

OMP’s mission is to offer higher quality Opto-Mechanical engineering services through a close collaboration with our clients. Our three letters OMP stands for: Opto-Mécanique de Précision. OMP is dedicated exclusively to opto-mechanical system and instrumentation design. OMP’s owner’s professional careers is dedicated to opto-mechanics since 2000. A broad range of optical instruments were developed from laboratory applications to aerospace remote sensing instruments. OMP speaks the language of optics, which is why it is so appreciated by its photonics customers.

Our services

You can rely on OMP's expertize for all your opto-mechanical
and instrumentation design needs

Design of aerospace instrumentation, robust to shocks & vibrations and wide operational temperature ranges

Design of commercial instrumentation & optical systems

Fabrication of opto-mechanical components and assemblies

Lightweight advanced composites structures

Design of compliant mechanisms

Design for cryogenic and high vacuum applications


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Québec, QC, Canada
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